Clutch Those Pearls


I work at a jewelry store, and occasionally I try on some of the necklaces just to see what I would look like in them before I decide to buy. A MUST MUST MUST have in every jewelry box is a pearl necklace! Not fake, but real pearls. Pearls are not as expensive as they use to be, most are under $100 bucks -if you know where to go- .

There are six different kinds of pearls based on location and color:

  1. Akoya Cultured Pearls
  2. South Sea Cultured Pearls
  3. Tahitian Cultured Pearls
  4. Freshwater Cultured Pearls
  5. Keshi Cultured Pearls
  6. Assembled Cultured Blister or Mabes

Shop these beautiful pearls at: 


18 thoughts on “Clutch Those Pearls”

  1. Girl I love those! I’ve never thought about wearing pearls but I love necklaces and I just envisioned them with some of my outfits!

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    1. Thanks ! I have fake pearls in different sizes (earrings) and pearl earrings come in different colors as well. It’s really stunning ! I know the pearl trend repeats, but you should totally wear them before it starts back up.

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    1. Thank you ! Cherish those pearls, and get them cleaned and polished from time to time 😆 and the blouse and pearls I wore to my job was not planned at all so I was very grateful!


  2. Have you seen those places where you can buy them still in the clam? (Is it a clam or a shell?!) You get a surprise colour and size in each one! That first photo the creamy coloured one I would love a style like that made up of pearls I had got from the clams!

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  3. I’m someone who doesn’t like to wear jewellery; however, I do love to admire jewellery from afar. I’m glad you made this post because now I know that there are many types of pearls and what they look like. Off the top of my head I would love to own a Tahitian Pearl necklace or a Akoya Pearl necklace, just look at on a stand.

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  4. Wow, you work at a jewellery store, that sounds so exciting. I think pearls are absolutely beautiful. One of my favorite piece of jewellery are pearl earrings. Simple but elegant :).

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