Rubin Museum Experience

I love the Rubin Museum and I recommend everyone to take a visit! 

Location: New York , 150 W 17th St, New York, NY 10011 (if you arrive an hour before it closes the admission is half off. I also believe it is cheaper for students)

The show at the Rubin was called “The Future is Fluid” and experiencing art displays in different forms such as:

  • video
  • digital visual projections
  • video cameras
  • rooms with displaying a similar place based on the location of where the art was from
  • interaction displays


The museum is very quiet and peaceful so I really enjoyed the tranquility that came after leaving. While leaving the front desk gives you a letter from the past visitors and have the option to meet them! Very lovely time I had.


Until Next Time,

Ashadah Austin ♥

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