Spiritual Tips

Taking A Bath

Always take the time and energy to restore yourself for the next day or new beginning. I find myself doing so, by dedicating a day to just chill, and melt away in my bathtub.

Why Take A Bath?

The benefits of taking a bath will alleviate stress, create endorphins, and transform your surroundings into a very relaxing vibe for your body. I recently took my first bath in almost 13 years about a month ago. I never felt so relaxed and gentle, plus the stress went away after feeling so much better about myself. It takes a lot of courage to just appreciate your body, your atmosphere, and to gather your thoughts. You can also cleanse and detox your spirit depending what you put in the bath.

Steps to taking a bath:

  1. Find a bathtub and run the water with some lushy and lavish bubbles! Keep oils like Frankincense and Rosemary by the bath to add drops.
  2. Decorate your tub atmosphere with candles, crystals, flowers, or anything that makes you feel super relaxed and good about yourself! (Even play some music to set the tone)
  3. Drop in some essential oils, flower pedals and bath bombs !

Things to do during a bath:

  1. Use a shower jelly, shower gel, or bar of soap to add some silky suds to your skin!
  2. Meditate! Take this time for your spirit to become aligned! This will also decrease stress level, especially with the crystals around.
  3. Read a book of your choice.
  4. Watch a Show that interests you.
  5. Do a Face, Hair, or Foot Mask.

I chose Wednesdays to relax the most out of the week because it gives me a quick breather before continue the rest of the week. A halfway break to the real break (the weekend). Hump day is the mark of half the week, so it is good to take a breath, relax, and enjoy the moment whenever you can.

My favorite part about taking a bath, especially with Lush products, is that it saves money on water (because it is not running down the drain like the shower), and I get to enjoy myself with only myself. I like using their products because they have fresh ingredients with essential oils. This company also fight against animal testing and donate to numerous charities! (vegan & vegetarian only products)

It is good to give yourself the chance to be alone with your mind and body to really appreciate what you have. You.

Below I have some quick easy videos of how I use the bubble bar and bath bomb in my bath tub!

How to use a Bubble Bar from Lush Cosmetics
How to use a Bath Bomb from Lush Cosmetics

Until Next Time xoxo

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