Fashion, Lookbook

Black Cheetah

Faux Leather Cargo Pants
Cropped Turtle neck knit
Cheetah print tank top
Large and long black belt

I love love love wearing black in the winter. But I also like to add a pop of color somehow to show that I have personality. (not saying that wearing all black is boring) but it is nice to switch it up unexpectedly.

Styling Tips:

To stand out in an all black everything outfit….

  1. Change the textures of your clothes. For example, wear something fuzzy and something silky in the same color to show more personality.
  2. Add an accessory like a chunky belt, necklace, or earrings.
  3. Experiment with different lengths like cropped pants with oversize sweaters or long skirts with cropped sweaters in the same color.

-Until Next Time (And Happy New Year) xoxo

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