I made an Art Shop

I know, its been way too long since my last post. Let me update you on how COVID-19 & BlackLivesMatter impacted my life..

First off, I am one of the many 2020 Graduates of the wonderful Covid year… which also means.. no graduation ceremony until further notice. Thats a way to end my 4 years of he..greatness (lol)

Of course my life does not end there. I worked super hard on my spiritual growth and journal as much as I can everyday with meditation practices. I will make a post about it soon.

Lastly, I created an Art Shop online! I am finally selling my paintings, prints, stickers, face masks, and more importantly, Black Lives Matter Merchandise! :

Business has been booming! I have more custom art orders now, my shop is selling, and my instagram page is growing for my art account! My reasoning for creating this shop is to finally put my art out there and make people happy with my creativity. I was out of a job thanks to Covid, but now I am finally making a way for myself. My ultimate goal is to have a Streetwear and Art shop filled with wearable art created by me or just buy the art itself. I am very excited for which this shop can go.

As a woman, a black woman and an artist, it can be difficult to get my art out there and be noticeable among the art community. So I have to work extra hard to get to where I want to be, and making this Online small business is the a start!

Click the Button below to check out the site yourself!

-xoxo Ashadah

3 thoughts on “I made an Art Shop”

  1. Well congratulations on graduating ✨ And also on your art shop . You have a really good eye for color schemes 💕I loved the pink hair girl, the medusa style lady and I’m seriosuly thinking of grabbing some 🦄stickers .

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