Spiritual Tips

How I Wear Waist Beads

Waist beads have been around for generations and originated from African Traditional culture. They usually signify fertility, protection of the Yoni, femininity and sensuality.

Here is how I wear waist beads:

I like to wear them over my biker shorts sometimes, and with crop tops or completely covered under t-shirts and dresses. I usually wear two or three per day, not all of them at once like in the photos.

I also like to anoint them in Frankincense oil. However, I purposefully purchase waist beads that are made of crystals or have been anointed previously. Anointing is like blessing them with intentions and postivity to protect yourself everywhere you go.

If your wasitbeads are crystals based, its best to let them charge in the moonlight near selenite to cleanse the crystals, that way it can be activated and work properly for your purpose.

Waistbeads are also great for meditating with. Since they are placed above the sacral chakra and hang around the solar plexus chakra, this will be a great way to increase the focus of energy around those areas.

Where did I buy my waistbeads from?

Here is list of shops I got my beads from and other places to shop as well:

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