Spiritual Tips

What to Expect After an Energy Healing Session

Congrats! So you finally decided to get an energy session from me! (okay maybe you didn’t just yet) Maybe you just want to know what you’re getting into with this “energy healing stuff”, I get it.

There’s Symptoms?

Just like detoxing with the body from bad artificial foods to fresh foods, your body will experience the same thing when detoxing your energy or spirit. How So? When an energy healer is serving the highest good or God and gaining Universal Life Force Energy, they use it to heal and push in the good into your energy system. After doing so, your energy system will push out the bad like, trauma, past life bad vibes, disconnections form relationships, creative blockages, unhealthy agreements etc.

1. Crying

Sometimes during a session, deep or general, a memory or realization could arise and you may start crying. Depending on your experiences in life, this can be a big step in the direction for knowing that whatever you are going through will be healed. Crying is not a bad start but a good start to releasing negative energy and the pressure from your spirit/well being. Always try your best to stay open and let go during a healing session.

2. Laughing

Energy healing has the power to create joy and comes from a place of love and happiness. Laughing is bringing joy and showing you how to live and breathe and enjoy yourself. Experience it with love and happiness in your mind and heart, let go of that toxic energy.

3. Feel Great Peace

In the process of letting go during a healing session, one can feel a sense of peace and calmness throughout their body and mind. The session itself can be calming enough to bring peace over a course of days.

4. Tired or Wired

This can apply to the empaths, or someone that can feel the sensitivity of energy and emotion. Their body is detoxing but the energy level to functions is slower or faster. It all depends on what kind of “bad vibes” and discoveries the healer can find during the session. If you do feel tired or wired, let it be, do not force yourself to be any other way, just be cautious and allow your spirit and energy to repair itself and heal.

5. A Cold

Its tragic I know! But this cold is only the physical evidence of a stressful detox or something that is being removed from your energy field or spirit that was holding you down. I am not a medical professional or work in the medical field, this is just a detox of the energy field resulting in a cold. This cold could happen over a course of days or weeks (not last that long) and it most likely will be a small cold (last for a day or two). Don’t worry this is the furthest an energy healing session symptom could go.


Private Energy sessions from me will not require touching or messaging or any other physical contact. (Especially during covid). My healing sessions are only distant until Covid-19 is finished with a gone. Distance healing will continue to be an option for private sessions for the international and cross country folks. If you have any questions and want to book a session with me, view the Energy Healing Services on my page.

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