Energy Healing Services

Lets Grow Together & Heal

Reiki Energy Healing Sessions

Energy Healing is using universal energy to heal. I use the form of Reiki and multiple subcategories of it to heal clients. Reiki contains multiple techniques to initiate healing responses within the body. Reiki is used to treat physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and even past traumatic experiences. Reiki is a great way to include with a holistic lifestyle or with conventional medicine that can assist aiding in the healing process.

Distance Healing Sessions

All Private Healing Sessions will be via zoom. Distance healing sessions can be without phone or video call and can also be during a video call. For me it is easier to connect with you via video call. I will heal you while you lay down or sit in a quiet area in your home or outside. Then I will perform the session based on our consultation. If you have more questions about how distance healing works or want to learn more about it, refer to my blog or scroll down further to contact me.

General Healing Sessions

This session duration will be about 25 minutes and will focus on basic alignment of your Chakras, healing of your heart, and anything I find along the way. This will not be a deep healing session, like focusing on trauma or depression etc. but more of a beginners attunement. If its your first time and want to try it just to see, or you don’t really have a specific focus, this session is perfect for you.

Deep Healing Sessions

Everyone is suffering in some way, and sometimes we need a boast to help kick start the process of healing deep wounds from trauma, past issues, unhealthy attachments, bad habits, low or negative vibes and blockages. As a healer, I will help clear away or even help you face those issues with overflowing positive energy and peace to sow up those wounds. Tell me about something you want to focus on, if you are not comfortable to do so, then think about those things during our session. Choose this option to indicate that I will heal on a deeper and intensive level.

Lets heal together and grow for the better.

The Healer

Ashadah Austin is a certified Reiki Mater & Karuna Ki Master /Energy Healer. She specializes in Usui, Karuna Ki, Egyptian, Crystal and Distance Healing. She is currently a student for Holistic Wellness coaching, Meditation Guidance and Reiki Journaling and graduated from Montclair State for Fashion Studies.

If you have any questions about the healing sessions, blogs, collaborations etc. Feel free to contact me.

“You have to plan and cultivate good health. You have to commit to good health. You have to live good health because it comes from the inside out. It comes from what you bring to your life: positive, empowering thoughts, prayers and affirmations, uplifting company, and high-quality, life-giving foods. To have excellent health you must invest time and energy into the transformation of your Sacred Body Temple. And once you’ve acquired excellent health, you must maintain it vigilantly. That’s the true divine challenge—one that you can and must meet.”

Queen Afua -Sacred Woman