Spiritual Tips

What to Expect After an Energy Healing Session

Congrats! So you finally decided to get an energy session from me! (okay maybe you didn't just yet) Maybe you just want to know what you're getting into with this "energy healing stuff", I get it. There's Symptoms? Just like detoxing with the body from bad artificial foods to fresh foods, your body will experience… Continue reading What to Expect After an Energy Healing Session

Spiritual Tips

How I Wear Waist Beads

Waist beads have been around for generations and originated from African Traditional culture. They usually signify fertility, protection of the Yoni, femininity and sensuality. Here is how I wear waist beads: I like to wear them over my biker shorts sometimes, and with crop tops or completely covered under t-shirts and dresses. I usually wear… Continue reading How I Wear Waist Beads


I made an Art Shop

I know, its been way too long since my last post. Let me update you on how COVID-19 & BlackLivesMatter impacted my life.. First off, I am one of the many 2020 Graduates of the wonderful Covid year... which also means.. no graduation ceremony until further notice. Thats a way to end my 4 years… Continue reading I made an Art Shop

Spiritual Tips

Taking A Bath

Always take the time and energy to restore yourself for the next day or new beginning. I find myself doing so, by dedicating a day to just chill, and melt away in my bathtub. Why Take A Bath? The benefits of taking a bath will alleviate stress, create endorphins, and transform your surroundings into a… Continue reading Taking A Bath